Food Freedom 2021

June 3 -18, 2021

Welcome to Food Freedom 2021, a celebration of finding freedom from food obsession and living better by eating better.

We are so happy you’re here.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to have freedom from all of the insanity about what you’ve eaten or not eaten, or how many calories you’ve consumed, or whether you’ve done your workout today?

The Bright Line Eating® Boot Camp uses a science-based approach to help you change the way your brain responds to food. So if you really struggle with cravings, losing control over food, or shedding those excess pounds and keeping them off, this program is for you.

And during this special event, the Boot Camp is better than ever with some amazing, limited-time-only bonuses.

The Bright Line Eating Boot Camp is an 8-week course that is entirely online and accessible within our Hub.

Participate and step into food freedom from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

People from more than 190 countries have done it.

In the last six years, more than
50,000 participants have lost more than
300,000 pounds.

Bright Line Eating is the most successful weight-loss community on the planet—all without calorie counting, point counting, starvation, or silly “fad” diets.

Your Bright Line Eating® Boot Camp includes:

PLUS…your registration also comes with tons of FREE bonuses:

Excerpts from the Official Bright Line Eating® Cookbook
Value $21

Goal Weight Guidance System
Value $75

5-Minute Meals Menu
Value $75

$5 Meals Guide
Value $75

Meals on the Move Travel Tips
Value $75

Surviving Special Occasions System
Value $75

Effortless Eating Out System
Value $75

Image of curving, confusing roads with a straight highway in the center

The Rezoom Reframe 
Value $75

Stress-Eating Solution Bonus Module
Value $75

Plate of colorful, healthy food

What it Takes to Sustain BLE Long Term Bonus Module
Value $75

Registration for the Bright Line Eating® Food Freedom 2021 Boot Camp is OPEN from now until June 18, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. 

The investment for this course is $497.

Bright Body Transformations

Thousands of people have found success with Bright Line Eating. Read about some of their journeys in their own words…

30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Let me tell you what’s going to happen here.
30 days from now, you will either:

  1. Be on your way to the transformation of your life, experiencing what I’ve experienced and what thousands of others have experienced, which is by far better than winning the lottery. (For the vast majority of our registrants, this is exactly what happens.)
  2. Or you’ll have decided it is not right for you and you can have all your money back, no questions asked.
No risk. No harm. No foul.

Where are you in your Bright Line Eating journey?